Medical Hypnosis San Diego

Hypnosis is a well established tool for medical patients. For those under a doctors care, or those recovering from injury or illness, medical hypnosis offers solutions. The medical journals share with us research indicating its value in pain control, gastrointestinal distress (GERD and Irritable Bowel Syndrome), improving treatment outcomes and mitigating discomfort from treatments (such as radiation or chemotherapy).

When you call me today, you will find relief and solutions that can in some cases reverse disease. In other cases provide comfort and help you to feel your best, and in other situations can prevent further injury or illness. And we know of course, than many diseases are both caused by and exacerbated by stress – and hypnosis is a great way to manage medical stress.

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Pain Control Hypnosis Works

Helping both chronic, functional, and pain related to degeneration and disease.

Solutions that really work

NLP and hypnotherapy have long been used as effective tools for creating comfort where pain previously existed.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Helping you to overcome any gastrointestinal distress and living free.

Overcome GERD, IBS and other problems

The solutions are very real, the research shows hypnosis is an effective tool for managing distressing symptoms.

Surgical Recovery Solutions

Feel better faster, decrease anxiety and improve your success following surgery.

Heal faster and decrease complication

Sugical hypnosis help you to use the resources of your inner experience to improve your outer experience.

Chronic Health Conditions

From Fibromyalgia to arthritis to a variety of other chronic health conditions.

Reverse disease and live free

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Medical Hypnosis San Diego

Does hypnosis work?  Hypnosis is a researched and studied treatment modality. It is an effective treatment for a variety of conditions when a skilled and trained hypnotist is providing services.  Look at the tabs to the right, you will discover there just some of the many evidenced-based outcomes that have been reported. These are only representative articles, your individual results may vary.

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