Stress Survey

To Determine if any Health Problems You May Have Are Due To Stress

Check Off Any of The Following Symptoms You Have Experienced In The Last Six Months



Pain/Tension /Numbness (if so where?)





Low Back


Insomnia/Sleep Problems

Digestive Trouble ( If So What Kind Of Trouble?)






Sinus Problems/Allergies


Menstrual Problems

Bladder Trouble

Ringing In The Ears



Weight Trouble


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Which of the Above Bothers You The Most?

How Long Have You Been Bothered By The Conditions?

Describe How It Feels or How It Affects You When It Is At Its Worst

Does This Cause You To Be...




Interrupt Your Sleep?

Restrict Your Daily Activities?

Does This Affect Your Work?

Decision Making?

Poor Attitude?

Decreased Productivity?

Exhausted at The End of The Day?

Unable To Work Long Hours?

Does This Affect Your Life?

Lose Patience With Spouse Or Children?

Restricted Household Duties?

HInders Your Ability To Exercise

Inhibits Your Ability To Participate In Sports?

Interferes With Your Ability To Participate or Other Desired Activities?

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You can easily avoid months or even years of needless suffering by dealing with with your problems right now Before They Get Worse.

When We Handle Your Particular Problem. Feeling Great Is What Life Is All About.

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